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Oxygen Treatments

We apply oxygen to the skin by using the most advanced technology today! With the Invacare 5/Sense02 oxygen is sprayed through a wand containing a blend of concentrated serums. Studies have proven that the "WET OXYGEN" method is indeed the most effective form of delivering oxygen to the skin!

*Benefits from oxygen: Clarifies the skin by killing harmful bacteria and neutralizing free radicals. Increases circulation and stimulates collagen while improving cellular function. Provides a firm and radiant complexion.

Oxygen Dome 

  • Inhale pure Oxygen while clarifying the skin and enhancing product infusion over any Specialty Mask! $15
  • Only $85 when included with a Signature Facial


Wet Oxygen Fusion

  • Relax while pure oxygen is sprayed over the face alone or following any facial treatment to maximize results! $20
  • Only $90 when included with a Signature Facial


Facial Vein Removal

A safe and effective way of removing facial veins with little to no down time! Costs will vary depending on the amount of area treated, which will be determined during the consultation.

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